Introducing The Seiko SPB171 Presage Arita Porcelain Dial Limited Edition Affordable

It can not be achieved. Its beauty can only exist because a mirage. The Japanese word Suigetsu especially captures the phenomenon of the moon’s image on the water, and while it may only exist visually, Seiko has recently added a model to the Presage line that may, in actuality, be achieved. It is designed after the ephemeral nature of the moon reflection in lakes and ponds throughout Japan.
Blued hands are placed against a white Arita porcelain dial at the latest addition to the Presage household, the SPB171. Just 2,000 examples of the Arita Porcelain Dial limited edition will be available. The opinion uses Seiko’s 6R27 caliber, also used in the newly introduced”Riki” watches in the Presage line. The ceramic dial points into the thought that the SPB171 will carry on the legacy of the audience favorites, the SPB093 & SPB095 published last year. The formula is very much the same: a beautifully designed watch with a robust movement at a price point that signifies a lot of value.

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The Arita dial production is modulated by craftsman Hiroyuki Hashiguchi in a manufacturer that has been honing the art since 1830. The very nature of creating porcelain dials is because such that machines can only play a function till a certain point, and the rest depends on the human touch. In a nutshell, the creation of porcelain dials is an art unto itself. Arita porcelain differs from traditional porcelain as it’s a physically harder material, making the demand for precision more important when working with it. Hakuji ceramic is used for its pure whiteness, and that generates a drastic contrast between the blue hands and the dial. This particular effect resulting from the vivid white and the gentle blue is intended to evoke lunar beauty that one would encounter throughout the Suigetsu ritual, which is when one appreciated the manifestation of the moon still water. Oftentimes, it may be a challenge to completely grasp the context and ideology behind Seiko and Grand Seiko watches versions that draw on from Japanese heritage so deeply. It is an individual experience to appreciate fleeting beauty, and also how we love the beauty of any watch — regardless of where it is out of — is not so distinct. The Seiko SPB171 is really beautiful, with Western cultural context or without.
Even with such a strong focus on the aesthetics of the opinion, Seiko didn’t skimp on the motion. The 6R27 is a mid-range offering that has formed a wonderful history through the years. It beats at 28,800 vph and has a power reserve of 45 hours. While the movement is not the focus of this watch, it certainly bolsters the value proposition.

2,000 illustrations of this watch land at retailers in July. The Presage line is often cited as a”best-kept secret” in Seiko. There are shared philosophies with Grand Seiko that come in the watches, but there is also a certain pragmatism gift that Seiko is really good at. Such as the evanescent beauty of the sinking moon on a still summer night’s glassy river, the model will quietly fade from exhibit cases at retailers.