Longines is committed to high-quality watches

A classic glossy looking watch is the perfect accessory for any guy. There are so many fantastic brands out there that offer classical-styled analogue watches that we each shall explore to determine your requirements and which one best serves you.

We look at a few of the most iconic analogue watches for guys. Some of them come while some come from lesser-known brands from brands which are household names. However, let us have a brief look, before doing this.

What’s An Analogue Watch?Photo from pexels.com

Analogue watches are such basic watches which we’ve all grown up with. These watches utilize mechanisms to move batons around the watch face . The design generally consists of the hour being shorter than the hand. And since they move round the watch, you may listen to the tick-tock that functions as an index of this watch’s functioning.


Inside these machines, motors and the gears are driven by electric currents shaped by the interaction of a quartz crystal and the built in battery. This quartz crystal motion is what makes analogue watches trustworthy and precise. It is used by analogue watches due to its superior efficiency, though there are automatic options that are equally as amazing and utilize mechanisms.

Now you know more about the inner workings of an analogue watch, let us look at some additions.

What does classic imply to youpersonally? For some, it is based on a new has been in existence. For others, it revolves more around manner and the plan . However you define it, the watches below are timeless in their own various ways.

Longines Conquest
Let’s start. Longines is a brand that has been crafting watches for over a century. A watchmaker from Switzerland, auguste Agassiz, began this company with the idea of providing high-quality watches for men. That dedication led to a reputation like no other, and finally, this firm became part of the opinion giant, the Swatch Company.


The Longines Conquest is a beautifully crafted addition to the Longines family. Fitted with a circumstance that is uniquely engineered along with an quartz movement, it has a specific ruggedness while elegant and is durable. It is perfect to wear for casual activities in addition to events.


Stainless ceramic and steel round case (43mm)
Screw-down case back
Water-resistant around 170 feet
Scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Illuminated indicators
Perpetual calendar disadvantage
Quartz movement (L288 Calibre)
Strap comes from several variations
comes in five variants