Seiko is known for its highest precision watches. Gorgeous design.

The business is known to bring watches which feature their designs as well as precision using quartz movements and their mechanical. Since that time watch enthusiasts have expressed respect for the model. However, not all things that are good last.
While developing the new Presage Series, Seiko amazed watch lovers when they chose to stop the production for its iconic Seiko SARB033. In 2018, Seiko created the statement, leaving watch fans in confusion within the choice. Why was the SEIKO SARB033 discontinued?
Why did Seiko bidding farewell to the SARB033? Did the series don’t achieve their objective? Or was that the SARB033 not good enough? After hearing the news, these and more questions may have plagued the minds of many a watch enthusiast. However, much like any other firm conclusion, Seiko had its own reason. People have theorized that Seiko believed the SARB033 collection wasn’t great enough when they chose to venture into the US watch market. They altered their attention on creating watches for BaselWorld. But they did not let this decision reach them. Many see collectors continue to express their love with this collection.