The Story of a Watch Brand – “Omega – Exact time for life”

Louis Brandt based in Switzerland what’s presently among the most famous luxury watch brands in the world, defined by quality and many memorable historical achievements, such as lunar landing and mastering the Olympics. What’s more, the Omega brand is also famous around the world because of its spectacular wristwatches with timeless design.
To better comprehend what the business stands for and how it became one of the greatest watchmakers ever, read on this article.
Louis Brandt launched his company in 1848 and spent three decades building a modest store and selling watches all around the world, until his death, in 1879. His sons took over the company and began making their own parts.
In 1885, the Brandt brothers launched the Labrador, their first high tech caliber, followed with the first minute-repeating timepiece in 1892, and the 19-line OMEGA watches grade, two decades later. This last invention attracted great success in the watch industry and, after, the title of the company.

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Unfortunately, a couple of decades after, the two Brandt brothers died, within just six months of one another, leaving the organization in uncertainty. Paul-Emile Brandt, the eldest surviving member of their household, started working hard to maintain the family business on course. In 1909 they enhanced their worldwide success while functioning as the timekeeper for an international balloon race, the Gordon Bennett Cup.
When in 1932, the Olympic Games entrusted, for the very first time, 1 new to be the Official Timekeeper, they picked Omega. The brand began its important timekeeping partnership.
This great accomplishment was followed with the launching of Omega’s first edition of one of the most iconic watches, the Seamaster. Launched in 1948, this model is still among the hottest Omega watches.
However, the Unbelievable story continues with astronaut Wally Schirra sporting a Speedmaster on the Sigma 7 mission of the Mercury Program, in 1962. It was the first Omega in distance. The success didn’t stop there since the Speedmaster continued to be tremendously beneficial for NASA, especially when it allowed the secure yield of the Apollo 13 mission.
Besides the quality and precision of OMEGA watches, the brand is also famous for its timeless design and importance in fashion. And this announcement is encouraged by many world leaders and celebrities that love wearing Omega wristwatches.
The newest also gained popularity when, after Pierce Brosnan wore an Omega Seamaster, it became the official opinion of James Bond.
John F. Kennedy, however, is possibly the most famous Omega watch proprietor, and the opinion he wore his inauguration in 1961, is currently stored in the Omega Museum in Switzerland.

Difficult work and innovations maintained Omega among the most prestigious watch manufacturers for over 170 decades.
Collaborating with NASA, the Olympics Games, and Bond franchise, Omega has been a leader in the watch industry. To incorporate the legendary George Daniels co-axial escapement, Omega established the initial motion in 1999. Also, in 2011, the brand became the Official Timekeeper of the PGA. According to their program, the next step is to send the first watch on Mars, in 2030.
Whether you are passionate about sports, pop culture, space, or you just wish to own a superior watch, an Omega is a fantastic option, if you want a high-quality watch with classic design. And, once the strap seems overused, you could always change it using a brand-new watch ring which permits you to continue wearing your precious timepiece.