Watches are not only men’s jewelry, but also men’s most important jewelry.

In formal social occasions, watches are often regarded as jewelry. For men who usually only wear a ring of jewelry, they are more valued. Some people even emphasized: “Watches are not only men’s jewelry, but also men’s most important jewelry.” In Western countries, watches, pens, and lighters were once called the “three treasures” of adult men. Things that can’t leave. Similar to jewelry, watches worn by people on social occasions often reflect their status, identity and wealth status. Therefore, most of the watches worn by people in interpersonal communication, especially the men’s watches worn by men, are attracting attention.
If you want to wear men’s watches correctly, you must first understand men’s watches and be good at choosing men’s watches. When choosing a watch, you should always pay attention to the five aspects of its type, shape, color, pattern and function. Type, how much do you wear watch etiquette?
According to different standards, watches can be divided into many different types. In social situations, people generally distinguish their types based on price. According to this standard, watches can be divided into four categories: luxury watches, high-end watches, mid-range watches, and low-end watches. In terms of current prices, luxury watches cost more than 10,000 yuan, high-end watches cost between 2,000 and 10,000 yuan, mid-range watches cost between 500 and 2,000 yuan, and low-end watches cost less than 500 yuan. When choosing a specific type of watch, you must first do your best, and do n’t do anything you ca n’t do. In addition, you must also take into account your career and appearance